T2 Security install IP CCTV systems across the UK. We offer a range of systems for commercial and residential clients. We provide remote monitored CCTV systems, slashing your manned security costs. We specialise in IP CCTV and offer HD cameras and night vision. We offer temporary installations for the construction trade, our systems are available on a rolling monthly contract. We have bases of operation in the South East, the Midlands and the North of England. Our project managers handle your entire installation from initial survey through to ongoing training, maintenance and support.

Construction Site Systems

T2 Security Signage Bromley

T2 Security specialise in temporary, leased IP CCTV systems for the construction industry. Our remote monitored systems represent a significant saving when compared to man guarding. Click here or on the image to see more.

Residential Systems

T2 Security Signage Bromley

We stock a range of stylish equipment that will fit discreetly into any property, traditional or contemporary. From ornate camera poles to advanced video intercoms, your bespoke system is designed to meet your needs Click here or on the image for information and prices.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

remote monitoring station

T2 Security can provide 24/7 remote monitoring for systems we install, or even your existing system. Once you leave site our service kicks in, if the system is triggered an agent is on hand to view the live footage, issue an audio command or inform the Police. Click here or on the image to see more.

XProtect Mobile Device Access

XProtect Mobile App

The jewel in the crown of the XProtect suite of products is the XProtect Mobile client. At a tap of the screen you can instantly access all live video streams from your system, you can replay recorded footage from any date and time selected from anywhere in the World. Click here or on the image to see more.


Commercial Installations

Shops, business units, offices, warehouses, distribution centres, restaurants any type of business can benefit from a commercial CCTV system from T2 Security. Click here or on the image for information.

HDTV Camera range

PTZ Cameras

We supply and install a large range of static and pan/tilt/zoom cameras. An HDTV model will give clear and crisp images, with facial recognition achievable from distances to 75m. Available with infrared sensitive lenses, coverage is possible in complete darkness. Click here or on the image to see more.