Adherance to our key values

At T2 Security we live by our key principles, but don't just take our word for it!

Here are a couple of client testimonies that we are particularly proud of. Both of the systems described were installed since 2012.

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Construction case study

Galliford Try

Wayne McNamara - Project Manager Galliford Try PLC

"We invited several companies to provide a quote for a remotely monitored CCTV system for a particularly sensitive construction project in the South East. T2 Security offered a far higher quality product, Sony HD cameras, a flat screen monitoring station PC for our daytime security staff and an iPad so I can keep and eye on the site wherever I am. They offered this is a highly competitive price which pleased our commercial team and our client."

Galliford Try Installation

"A few months into the project an intruder made his way onto site. T2 Security saw the incident, notified our security manager and the Police who quickly apprehended him. I was able to use the monitoring station to export the footage which was then sent to our client for further investigation."

T2 Security - We installed several Sony HD Night Vision cameras alongside Optex Redwall detectors and PA speakers around the site perimeter. The monitoring station was installed within the security office which allows the daytime security manager to view the video live and to review incidents and also a microphone for issuing verbal commands when necessary. The site is monitored out of hours from our British Standard accredited monitoring station. Our outstanding project monitoring software was provided pre-installed onto an Apple iPad for use by the site management team.
Overall I have been impressed what what T2 Security have provided, both in terms of the system quality and the level of service they offer. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again."

Commercial case studies

Penfold Verral

Adam Bish - Penfold Verrall Director

"We contacted T2 Security after a couple of incidents of attempted fuel theft. After a site survey, they provided several options allowing us to pick and choose system features to suit our budget."

"T2 installed a range of cameras, both static and PTZ to give good coverage of the site. We have since expanded the system to give us total protection of our compound and can sleep easy at night knowing that our premises are monitored 24 hours a day, all year round."

"We are very satisfied with the quality of the installation and the level of service that T2 provide, we would certainly recommend them."
Penfold Verral Installation

John White - Langley Park School for Boys, Beckenham

"After overseeing the build of the new Langley Park School for Boys, I needed to expand the newly installed CCTV system to give us coverage of more remote parts of the school grounds."

"The existing system is a Milestone XProtect IP security system, T2 are IP specialists and are Milestone XProtect accredited. They attended site to do a survey, after listening to my requirements they recommended the installation of several Sony HD cameras. They arranged for extra licenses to be added to our existing XProtect package before they commenced with the installation."

"The installation was completed to a high standard, all cables were run neatly within conduit to complement the high quality finish of the other services. Their engineers liaised with our IT team to integrate the new cameras within the existing school IT infrastructure."

Penfold Verral Installation
"I was very pleased with the whole process from start to finish, the new cameras met our requirements exactly, I will be using T2 Security in the future as we look to further expand the system"

Blockley's Yard

Mike - Owner

"After a spate of vandalism at one of our sites we called T2 Security for some advice. Locals were using the car park of the property and then trying to remove their vehicle in the early hours once the car park was locked, on a few occasions the lock was smashed off which cost my time and money to rectify. There was also an incident of metal theft from the site"

"T2 Security installed two HD cameras with night vision in addition to signage throughout the site. They also setup remote access so that I can easily check the live and recorded video from the site from my laptop at home or my iPhone - it even works on 3G or when I am abroad. Sure enough several weeks after the system was commissioned the vandals struck again and I was able to positively identify another local business owner as the culprit"

"Even with a basic knowledge of computers I was able to quickly track down footage of the incident and export the video to a USB drive. The XProtect software that T2 Security installed is really easy to use"

"I was impressed by the service provided by T2 Security. I didn't want to break the bank, they installed a system that was within budget but of a high enough quality to catch the vandal in the act"

Residential case study

Charlotte - Home Owner

"After buying the house a few years ago I wanted to make a few changes and upgrades. We wanted to swap the existing intercom system as it didn't work reliably. I also wanted to increase the security of our home with some cameras"
"A T2 Security consultant visited us and made quite a few recommendations which they sent across to me after the visit in a really detailed quote document, there was no hard-sell during the visit"

"In the end I selected a video intercom system, two Panasonic pan/tilt/zoom cameras around the grounds and driveway and a smaller camera to cover the front door. The dome cameras were installed onto two ornate poles which fit nicely into the style of the property. The door camera is hardly noticeable but allows me to see who is there before I open the door. Being a rural property it's very dark at night, the dome cameras give a really sharp image in pitch-darkness. It's great for watching the family of foxes in the garden at night!"

Mobotix T24 Touch Screen Monitor

"All of the cameras and the intercom are all operated from the touch-screen LCD monitor installed in my kitchen. When someone arrives at the gate the system chimes, I can tap the screen to talk to them before another tap to open the gates. The software is so easy to use, my parents whom are both in their 70's picked it up right away when they came to house sit."

"T2 Security also setup access to the system from my iPad and iPhone, meaning that I can easily check on my home when I am abroad. If I have any technical questions they are normally able to help me over the phone or even log into the system remotely to make any changes I request"

Ornate Pole Installation

"Overall we are very pleased with the high standard of work provided by T2 Security. The guys who installed and maintain the system are both helpful and reliable, I love the system"

Featured services

HDTV Video intercoms

Mobotix T24 Range

The Mobotix T24 is a HD resolution, hemispheric IP video intercom system. It can be paired with a video phone or one of our stylish flat screen monitor systems together with your other new cameras. Click here or on the image for more.

XProtect Mobile device Access

XProtect Mobile App

The jewel in the crown of the XProtect suite of products is the XProtect Mobile client. At a tap of the screen you can instantly access all live video streams from your system, you can replay recorded footage from any date and time selected Click here or on the image to see more.

Ornate Poles
and fixings

remote monitoring station

At T2 Security we understand that our residential customers want a system that integrates stylishly and discreetly into their home. Our range of ornate poles and fixings give that touch of refinement. Click here or on the image to see more.

HDTV Camera

PTZ Cameras

We supply and install a large range of static and pan/tilt/zoom cameras. An HDTV model will give clear and crisp images, with facial recognition achievable from distances to 75m. Available with infrared sensitive lenses, coverage is available in complete darkness. Click here or on the image to see more.

XProtect System software

XProtect Mobile App

Milestone Systems is the World’s leading provider of open platform IP video management software and is used by more than 100,000 customers worldwide. XProtect is an easy-to-use yet powerful package that is designed for commercial or residential use. Click here or on the image to see more.