Exceptional residential security and access systems

At T2 we supply the most advanced IP CCTV systems for any residential  application. Based in Brighton, we offer our residential CCTV services to customers in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London and across the South East.

We stock a range of stylish equipment that will fit discreetly into any property, traditional or contemporary. From ornate camera poles to advanced video intercoms, your bespoke system is designed to meet your needs

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T2 Security key principles

Future Proof Technology
At T2 Security we supply exclusively IP CCTV products, the future of the CCTV industry. IP CCTV communicates over the same computer networks as your laptops and mobile devices. This advancement brings your CCTV system to you using the computer technology you are familiar with, Windows based software, iPhone apps - not just a grainy monitor installed within your home. IP CCTV systems can be expanded and adjusted inexpensively using CAT5 cable which can even carry the voltage to power the cameras. Wireless aspects can be introduced, reducing further the impact of an installation.

Customer Focussed
At T2 we focus on the customer experience, we realise that when our residential customers are looking for a new or upgraded security system they may not be familiar with the current technology or its benefits, the most effective way to show you what can be achieved is to literally show you another of our residential systems. Using their iPad, our consultants can demonstrate just how easily your new system will be accessed, viewing live video and reviewing recorded footage. Click to contact us to arrange a system demonstration.

Complete Transparancy
Our consultants can visit at your convenience, understand your needs and make a series of recommendations via a detailed quotation document which we will send following our visit, there is no hard sell. We pride ourself on the transparancy of our quotes, all equipment model numbers and specs are included allowing you to shop around more easily before making a decision.

Exceptional Quality of Work
At T2 Security we use the highest quality fixtures and fittings, together with our many years of installation experience we will leave you with a system that fits sympathetically into your property with buried cables, stylish technology and beautiful ornate brackets and poles.

Residential Systems key features

HDTV Video intercoms

Mobotix T24 Range

The Mobotix T24 is a HD resolution, hemispheric IP video intercom system. It can be paired with a video phone or one of our stylish flat screen monitor systems together with your other new cameras. Click here or on the image for more.

XProtect Mobile device Access

XProtect Mobile App

The jewel in the crown of the XProtect suite of products is the XProtect Mobile client. At a tap of the screen you can instantly access all live video streams from your system, you can replay recorded footage from any date and time selected Click here or on the image to see more.

Ornate Poles
and fixings

ornate poles

At T2 Security we understand that our residential customers want a system that integrates stylishly and discreetly into their home. Our range of ornate poles and fixings give that touch of refinement. Click here or on the image to see more.

HDTV Camera

PTZ Cameras

We supply and install a large range of static and pan/tilt/zoom cameras. An HDTV model will give clear and crisp images, with facial recognition achievable from distances to 75m. Available with infrared sensitive lenses, coverage is available in complete darkness. Click here or on the image to see more.

XProtect System software

XProtect Software

Milestone Systems is the World’s leading provider of open platform IP video management software and is used by more than 100,000 customers worldwide. XProtect is an easy-to-use yet powerful package that is designed for commercial or residential use. Click here or on the image to see more.

case study and
client testimony

residential installation

At T2 Security we live by the key principles listed at the top of this page. Click here or on the image to see a case study of a very high quality T2 Security residential installation that demonstrates our commitment to those principles. This case study includes a client testimony.