24/7 Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoing service provides a single solution to your CCTV security needs. In addition to providing state of the art systems, we provide a 24/7 manned remote monitoring service giving you complete peace of mind.
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Remote Monitoring Overview

You may currently use a man-guarding setup to watch over your premises. This has various inherent risks, aside from the normal human fallabilities you have to provide a place for the guard to work, provide all the facilities usual facilities and more importantly, cover their wage costs. With Remote Sentry you can slash your costs whilst vastly reducing your exposure to risk.

With each new client a schedule of works and processes is designed. Our operatives provide 24/7 monitoring, however a bespoke package may involve out of hours weekdays (say 7pm to 7am) and weekends 24 hours.

Processes change depending on each client. You may wish our first action when discovering an intruder is to contact a client representative, it may however be to contact the Police. Our processes really are as versatile as our clients.

Our remote monitoring centre is equipped with the most up to date technology, ensuring that we are able to react instantly to any potential risk.

Our staff are professionals, trained to react quickly and efficiently to any detected intrusion. In addition to our own performance training, we welcome our clients to try us out with an intrusion drill (just make sure you tell us before we launch into action!).

T2 Security Alarm Process

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